Africa Center for Green and Human Economy
“Pioneering Sustainable Futures in Africa and Beyond!”

We are on a mission to revolutionize the way we think about economic growth, well-being, and environmental harmony.

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Shaping Tomorrow, Together

ACGHE isn't just a think tank; we're a catalyst for change. Our diverse team of experts is dedicated to developing strategies that ignite sustainable economic growth while improving the lives of people across Africa and the globe. Through collaborative partnerships, we're pioneering solutions that bridge the gap between prosperity and environmental responsibility. Explore our research, training, and advocacy initiatives and become part of our transformative journey.

Researching Possibilities, Empowering Progress

In the heart of our work lies the power of research. ACGHE's commitment to evidence-based insights drives innovation and informs policy decisions. Our research doesn't just sit on shelves; it fuels action, inspires change, and shapes a more equitable world. Discover how our research is unlocking opportunities and solving challenges in the realms of sustainable development, social well-being, and ecological preservation.

Knowledge, the Key to Progress

Knowledge is the currency of change. At ACGHE, we believe in the transformative potential of knowledge sharing and capacity-building. Our training programs equip individuals and organizations with the tools they need to champion sustainability. Whether you're a policymaker, business leader, or community advocate, our training can empower you to drive change in your sphere of influence.

Advocacy That Amplifies Impact

Creating lasting change requires a powerful voice. ACGHE excels in developing advocacy strategies that resonate with diverse audiences. We're not just raising awareness; we're creating movements that demand action. Explore our advocacy campaigns and see how you can contribute to a more just, green, and prosperous world.

Africa Center for Green and Human Economy

Building Bridges, Cultivating Impact

ACGHE is a bridge builder. We unite governments, businesses, civil society, and communities to find common ground and drive positive change. Together, we're shaping economies that prioritize people and the planet. Join us in building a sustainable future where prosperity knows no boundaries.

Our Values

Bridging bridges, cultivating impact

Sustainability: ACGHE is deeply committed to sustainability in all its dimensions - economic, social, and environmental. We believe that a sustainable future requires balance and harmony between these aspects, and we work tirelessly to promote solutions that reflect this holistic perspective.

Inclusivity: We value inclusivity and diversity as essential components of sustainable development. ACGHE strives to ensure that the benefits of economic growth and well-being reach all segments of society, leaving no one behind. We actively seek partnerships and collaborations that promote inclusivity.

Evidence-Based Approach: ACGHE places a strong emphasis on rigorous research and evidence-based decision-making. We believe that sound data and research are fundamental to crafting effective policies and strategies that drive positive change.

Innovation: Innovation is at the core of what we do. ACGHE encourages creative thinking and the development of innovative solutions to complex challenges. We believe that new ideas and approaches are vital to achieving sustainable economic growth and well-being.

Collaboration: Collaboration is key to our success. ACGHE values partnerships with governments, businesses, civil society organizations, and communities. Together, we can leverage collective knowledge and resources to achieve greater impact.

Integrity: ACGHE upholds the highest standards of integrity and ethics in all our activities. We are committed to transparency, accountability, and responsible conduct in our research, advocacy, and partnerships.

Empowerment: ACGHE is dedicated to empowering individuals and communities to take an active role in shaping their futures. We believe that informed and engaged citizens are essential to achieving lasting change.

Environmental Stewardship: ACGHE recognizes the urgent need to protect our planet's ecosystems. We advocate for responsible environmental stewardship and strive to minimize our own environmental footprint.

Social Justice: We are passionate about advancing social justice and equity. ACGHE works to address disparities and promote policies and strategies that promote fairness and equality.

A Little Of Our Story

Great minds think alike!

In a small cafe in Nairobi, four passionate individuals from diverse backgrounds found themselves united by a shared vision: a vision of a more sustainable, equitable Africa. They were economists, environmentalists, community organizers, and policy experts, each driven by a deep commitment to their continent's future.

Over countless cups of coffee, animated discussions, and late-night brainstorming sessions, they realized that their collective expertise could catalyze transformative change. They envisioned an organization that would bridge the gap between research, policy, and action, one that would pioneer a new approach to sustainability, blending economic growth with environmental harmony and social justice.

With unwavering determination and a shared dream, these visionaries founded the Africa Centre for Green and Human Economy (ACGHE).

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At ACGHE, we're not just about talk; we're about action.

Our holistic approach combines research, collaboration, advocacy, and empowerment to drive meaningful change toward a sustainable, equitable future.

Research and Analysis

We dive deep into critical sustainability issues through rigorous research. Our experts gather data, analyze trends, and produce evidence-based insights that inform our strategies and recommendations.

Community Empowerment

ACGHE believes in the power of communities. We work closely with local groups, empowering them to lead initiatives that improve their own well-being while promoting sustainability.

Training and Capacity-Building

We empower individuals and organizations with the knowledge and skills needed to champion sustainability. Our training programs equip changemakers to create a positive impact in their spheres of influence.

Policy Influence

Our research and advocacy directly influence policy development. We engage with policymakers to ensure that our evidence-based recommendations are considered in decision-making processes.

Advocacy and Awareness

ACGHE develops advocacy strategies that amplify your message and mobilize action. We advocate for policies and practices that prioritize both people and the planet, creating a groundswell of support for sustainable change.

Global Impact

While rooted in Africa, ACGHE's impact extends beyond borders. We engage with international partners and institutions to share best practices and advocate for global sustainability.

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